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Nashville soccer Club Coaches

Our Integrated Coaching Philosophy

Nashville Futbol Club is Boosting Soccer IQ and Confidence


Player Development

We aim to mold well-rounded players with exceptional technical skills, tactical intelligence, and game understanding. We emphasize individual development and adapt training to each player's strengths, weaknesses, and goals, promoting a positive, inclusive environment for continuous growth.


Soccer as Evolved Childhood Games

We relate soccer to evolved "keep-away" and "monkey in the middle" games. Our approach encourages ball control, possession maintenance, and intelligent passing. It also fosters teamwork and trust among our players.


Possession-Based Game Control

We focus on a possession-oriented soccer style, promoting ball control through quick, precise passing and smart off-the-ball movement. This technique lets us manage the game tempo and boost scoring opportunities.


Guardiola-Inspired Tactics

Taking cues from Pep Guardiola's coaching, we foster positional awareness, intelligent pressing, and spatial comprehension. By understanding their field roles and adapting to varying game situations, our players exploit opponent defense gaps and create scoring chances.


Tiki-Taka Techniques

We integrate the fast-paced "tiki-taka" style from Brazilian/Latin soccer. High levels of technical skill, quick decision-making, and fluid movement allow our players to maintain ball control and outsmart opponents.


Counter-Attack Strategies

We leverage the English-style counter-attack method. Our players swiftly transition from defense to offense, using technical skills and tactical awareness to capitalize on the space left by opponents.

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