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Soccer Coach Nashville Jason Roufs

Jason Roufs

Director of Coaching

College: 1995-1999

Professional: 2000-2002

Coach Roufs has established himself as a distinguished figure in the world of soccer, leaving an indelible mark on the field and finding his true calling in coaching. With an illustrious career as a player, including holding the record for most career goals and career points at Azusa Pacific University for over 20+ years, he garnered attention from semi-professional teams and ultimately secured a spot on a professional team as a walk-on. However, it was in the realm of coaching that Coach Roufs discovered his true passion.

At the age of 19, Coach Roufs embarked on his coaching journey, leading a Junior Varsity team to their first-ever championship victory, etching his name in the school's history books. This accomplishment catapulted him into the limelight as a highly sought-after coach in Southern California, North Carolina, and currently in Nashville. His unwavering dedication lies in ensuring that players not only thrive and reach their full potential on the field but also flourish in their personal lives.


Coach Roufs places great emphasis on education alongside athletic performance, believing in the power of holistic development. He strives to mold players who can excel under pressure, adapt to challenging situations, and thrive amidst stress. With over 22 years of coaching experience, his expertise extends far beyond borders. Coach Roufs has ventured to Kenya, Uganda, Mexico, Guatemala, and El Salvador, where he has trained and established successful youth programs.


Under his guidance, numerous players have achieved remarkable milestones, earning accolades such as MVPs, top goal scorers, tournament champions, and All-Conference players. Coach Roufs possesses a profound understanding of the game and recognizes the paramount importance of proper player development. He champions a holistic approach that focuses on the integration of mind, body, and technique, enabling players to harness the full potential of both the left and right sides of their bodies.


As a passionate mentor and holistic developer, Coach Roufs continues to inspire and guide aspiring soccer stars. His commitment to fostering personal growth and nurturing well-rounded individuals both on and off the field makes him an exceptional coach and mentor. With an unwavering dedication to his craft and an innate understanding of the game, Coach Roufs strives to leave a lasting impact on the lives of his players, shaping them into not only exceptional athletes but also remarkable individuals.

Coaching Philosophy

​Jason’s coaching philosophy is rooted in his upbringing and playing experience in San Diego and Los Angeles. His soccer heritage, encompasses the best elements of Hispanic soccer, Pep Guardiola's coaching approach, and the English counter-attacking style. By focusing on possession, technical proficiency, spatial intelligence, and game flow, he aims to develop confident, skilled, and tactically aware players who can excel both individually and as a team. He strives to create an exciting, dynamic, and successful soccer program that embodies the essence of "The Integrated Style” from these experiences.

Coaching Accomplishments

  • Coaching since 1996 to Present

    • Girls Junior Varsity & Varsity

    • Boys Junior Varsity & Varsity

    • Specialize in U11 and older 

  • Coached NFC 2012 Black to 2nd place State Finish in 2024.

  • Coached NFC 2012 Black to Stones River 2024 Tournament Championship

  • Has coached over 10 programs that have won tournaments and school division championships.

  • Coached in CA, NC, and TN for all competitive/travel teams

  • Has done an abundance of personal training for athletes that are desiring to strengthen and develop their skill set. 

  • Has done individual lessons for goalkeepers.

Early Life

He took his first coaching experience at the age of 19, coaching a Junior Varsity team, and taking them for the first time in school history to a championship victory. From then on he became a highly sought after coach in Southern California, then in North Carolina, and even now in Nashville. He is passionate about ensuring players thrive and reach their full potential both on and off the field. Dedicated to emphasizing education in congress with athletic performance. Holistically developing them to thrive under pressure, adapt to challenging situations under stress.

Playing Career

  • Played 4 year at Azusa Pacific University (1995-1999)

    • Holds University record for “Most Career Goals” (54) 

    • Holds University record for “Most Career Points” (125)

    • 3 time All-Conference Team

    • 3 time All-Regional Team

  • Played 2 years for PDL/3rd Division in Southern California (1998-2000)

  • Played 2 years in 2nd Division for Charlotte Eagles (2000-2002)

  • Played 1 year with Nashville Metros (2002)

Soccer Coach Nashville

Ryan Roberts

Director of Advancement and Boys Coach

Ryan Roberts, former MLB “Fan Favorite,” who most notably played for the Arizona Diamondbacks and helped lead them from “worst to first,” now invests in the next generation. In addition to being our Director of Advancement, Ryan assists our coaching staff after acquiring his coaching license, specializing in strength and conditioning at training sessions. He is involved in several sports, working individually with the kids to help them develop their skills and, more importantly—something Ryan knows a great deal about—a great mental attitude that will help them overcome the many obstacles life has to offer. Ryan’s capacity to empower young people with his vast experience in the study of teamwork is invaluable. He is passionate about building character and confidence in the individuals and teams that he works with so that, on or off the field, they have the endurance and heart to offer the world in front of them.

Coaching Career

  • Has 30 years of experience coaching youth ages 5-14 at the recreational, club, middle, and high school levels. 

  • Has coached with NFC since our founding in 2022.

  • Led 2012 Boys to 2nd Place in Alabama State Games in 2023.

  • Led 2012 Boys to 1st Place in MSYS Fall League in 2023.

  • Lead 2012 Boys to 3rd Place Finish in D2 Tennessee State League in 2023.

  • Holds a US Soccer Grassroots Coaching License in 7v7, 9v9, and 11v11

  • Develop techniques to implement the professional training he received to a soccer context in our strength and conditioning programs for athletes since our founding in 2022.

Professional Career

As a young player making his way through the farm system, Ryan played every position, including catching and pitching, showcasing his versatility and earning a reputation as an invaluable player in both the National and American Leagues. His commitment to excellence was evident as he consistently went beyond the required practice hours, hiring top trainers, learning proven techniques, and spending intentional time with mentors. This dedication not only helped him set and achieve his goals but also fostered a deep love for the training process, which he discovered to be the key to success among elite athletes.

Ryan's first major league hit was a home run off Cory Lidle in Yankee Stadium in 2006. Arizona became his second home, where Diamondbacks fans affectionately nicknamed him "Tatman" in 2011. That year, after a rigorous off-season regimen, he achieved the highest batting average out of 1,000 players in Spring Training and played a pivotal role in the Diamondbacks' remarkable turnaround from worst to first in the NL West. Highlighting his season, Ryan hit a historic walk-off grand slam against the Dodgers, securing the division title and earning the Heart and Hustle Award and Fan Favorite Award. His journey also taught him invaluable lessons in team dynamics and leadership, making him not just a good teammate but a true leader.

Soccer Club Nashville

Elizabeth Kagay

Director of Pre-Academy (Girls)

Growing up in Honolulu, HI, Elizabeth Kagay (Kalama) found a passion for athletics  that translated into developing as a multi-sport athlete throughout her youth. Surfing, volleyball, basketball, softball, track and field, you name it, Elizabeth loved it. She ultimately found her athleticism flourish best on the soccer pitch, and developed a love for the game that has surpassed her playing career, and now finds herself at NFC as our Girl’s Program Lead Coach. Elizabeth’s passion is the accessibility for young girls and their development in youth soccer. Her coaching philosophy revolves around nurturing exceptional technical skills, tactical intelligence, and a profound understanding of the game while prioritizing inclusivity and creating a supportive environment for continuous growth. With over 30 years of playing and coaching experience, Elizabeth’s gifts in fostering player development and their holistic growth  is a vital asset to our coaching staff here at NFC. 

Coaching Career

  • Has 20 years of experience coaching youth ages 5-14 at the recreational, club, and middle school levels. 

  • Has coached with NFC since our founding in 2022.

  • Won 2024 Regional Coach of the Year.  See HERE.

  • Holds a US Soccer Grassroots Coaching License in 7v7, 9v9, and 11v11

  • Developed and facilitated our pre-Academy Girls Training Programming since our founding in 2022.

Playing Career

  • Straight Up Club (HI) (1997- 1999)

  • Leahi Soccer Club (HI) (1999 -2001)

  • Honolulu Bulls Club (2002- 2003)

    • Multiple National/Regional Tournament Appearances 

  • Played 4 years at Point Loma Nazarene University (2003-2006)

    • 4 year starter at the midfield and defender positions

    • All GSAC Conference Player of the Year (2005)

    • NAIA National Tournament Team (2005)

Best Soccer Club Nashville

Stephanie Bartlett

Club Administrator 

As a Southern California native, Stephanie Bartlett (Cates) is no stranger to the world of competitive youth soccer. Her playing career included multiple high level youth clubs, including Arsenal FC (now Sporting Cali Club), and 4 years at the collegiate level, playing for Point Loma Nazarene University at the NAIA level. She held the all time single season scoring and assist records at San Dimas High School (2003), where she later returned to coach and give back to their girls soccer program. Stephanie transplanted to Nashville, TN in 2008, and continued coaching for local schools, clubs, and soccer programs throughout the Nashville area. While coaching, she worked for over a decade as a manager and administrator for one of Nashville’s leading event companies. Currently, Stephanie is one of NFC’s lead club administrators, using her experience in nonprofit and for profit administration. Her passion is to provide an accessible, healthy, and enjoyable experience for young athletes (and their families!) to holistically develop through the game of soccer. 

Coaching Career

  • Has 20 years of experience coaching youth ages 5-14 at the recreational, club, and middle school levels. 

  • Has helped coach and manage with NFC since our founding in 2012.

Playing Career

  • La Verne Lazers Soccer Club (1995-1998)

  • Claremont Stars Soccer Club (1999 -2001)

  • Arsenal FC (now Sporting Cali Club) (2002- 2005)

  • San Dimas High School (2000-2004)

    • 4 Year Varsity Letter Winner

    • Valle Vista League MVP (2003)

    • Southern CA Section All-Team accolades (2004) 

    • San Dimas High School Scholar Athlete of the Year (2004)

    • Held SDHS all time scoring and assist records for women’s soccer. 

  • Played 4 years at Point Loma Nazarene University (2004-2007)

    • Multiple NAIA National Tournament appearances (2006, 2007)

Soccer Club Nashville

Heather Maute

Director of Pre-Academy (Boys)

Heather Maute is a dedicated and accomplished coach, hailing from Springfield, OH, and now based here in Nashville, TN. With experience coaching youth soccer since 2014, Heather's coaching style emphasizes a player-centric approach, focusing on the development of technical skills, interpersonal skills, awareness of the field, and the overall holistic development of young athletes. Heather spent her college career with Trevecca Nazarene University, and her youth club career with Ohio Galaxies FC. She currently head coaches in our Academy Program, and assists our 2011 Boys. Her dedication to shaping young athletes both on and off the field has made her a remarkable mentor in the soccer community.

Coaching Career

  • A decade of experience coaching youth ages 5-14 at the recreational, club, and middle school levels 

  • Has coached with NFC since our founding in 2012.​
    • Head Coach for the NFC u10 boys

    • Assistant Coach for the  NFC u13 boys 

  • Assistant coach for TSIAA 2023 champions, Junior High Soccer Team for the Academy for GOD Phoenix

  • Developed and faciliated our pre-Academy Boys Training Programming since our founding in 2022.

  • Holds a US Soccer Grassroots Coaching License in 7v7, 9v9, and 11v11

Playing Career

  • Ohio Galaxies FC (2004- 2007)

  • Northwestern High School, Springfield, OH (2003- 2007)

    • All-Region and All-Conference player

    • Inducted into NWHS Athletic Hall of Fame

  • Trevecca Nazarene University ( 2007-2008)

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