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Nashville Youth Soccer Team

Player Development


U9 Pre-Academy

Our coaches at Nashville Futbol Club are seasoned professionals, well-versed in different global soccer strategies. They conduct regular training sessions, focusing on enhancing your child's technical skills and game intelligence. The techniques they impart are part of our unique 'Integrated Soccer Style,' which incorporates a mix of Brazilian/Latin, Guardiola-inspired, and English-style counter-attack methodologies.


U10 Pre-Academy

In the U10 Academy, our players will continue their collective training journey, further building upon the concepts introduced in the previous level. The emphasis on ball touches during practice sessions remains high, enabling players to refine their skills. Additionally, we aim to incorporate more team concepts, encouraging combination play and defensive support. The format of 7 vs. 7, with one goalkeeper and six field players, will continue, providing an ideal environment for players to showcase their skills. Similar to the U9 Academy, the U10 Academy's games and tournaments will primarily take place in the Middle TN area.


U11 and U12 Academy

As players progress to U11, our focus shifts towards individual player development within a 9 vs. 9 format. Coaches will introduce players to different team shapes, helping them comprehend the tactical consequences of each. At the U12 level, Nashville Futbol Club players experience a pivotal year as they may transition to 11 vs. 11 games. This expansion in field size presents new challenges and opportunities for growth. Combination plays and touches, inspired by the concept of "Rondo," will be heavily emphasized, preparing players for increased competitiveness and participation in state tournaments.


U13 to U19

In the U13 to U19 age groups, players have the opportunity to try out for several teams within our youth soccer club. These age groups may compete in the State League and State Championships, reflecting the elevated level of competition. Our club recognizes the importance of commitment and skill development. Different teams will have varying commitment levels and skill requirements, ensuring players are challenged and pushed to improve. To facilitate continuous growth, we regularly provide extracurricular training and camps. Each practice session is tailored to the specific needs and goals of the team and its players.

At Nashville Futbol Club, we believe in nurturing young athletes, empowering them to become well-rounded soccer players. From the U9 Academy to the U13 to U19 age groups, we strive to create an environment where players can excel both individually and collectively. Our coaching philosophy emphasizes ball mastery, tactical understanding, and continuous improvement. We understand the importance of balancing soccer commitments with other aspects of players' lives, and we encourage multiple-sport participation. Join us, and let us help your child unleash their full potential on and off the field at our elite Nashville youth soccer club.

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