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Our Club Commitment

Our Nashville based soccer club requires a commitment for participation. Athletes are expected to engage in practice sessions on average two times per week, honing their skills and fostering team cohesion. Teams should anticipate playing games most weekends per month during the season. Though most tournaments will be within a reasonable driving radius, occasionally tournaments may involve overnight stays. Prior to attending tryouts, we ask all interested individuals to review this information to ensure they understand the time and financial expectations inherent to travel soccer.



  • July 16, 2024, 6-730p

  • Madison Academy

    100 Academy Rd, Madison, TN 37115

  • All athletes born between 2008-2016 are eligible to try out.

    • According to TSSA rules, athletes competing on high school soccer teams are ineligible for participation in club during their high school season.

    • Arrive at least 20 min prior to the start of tryout to check-in

    • Bring water, soccer cleats, shin guards, and a soccer ball

  • Registration Fees

    • $150 per year

      • Registration fees cover the cost of our US Soccer affiliate registration, player registration, and liability coverage.

      • No refunds will be made once registration fees are paid.

      • Fall Season: August 1 - November 31

      • Spring Season:  February 1 - May 31

    Club Fees

    • $125 per month for August-November 2024 and February-May 2025.

      • Club fees may be paid in full at registration or divided into monthly payments.

      • Club fees cover operating expenses such as facilities, coaches, training, club administration, and operational costs.

      • Failure to pay dues timely may result in suspension for individual players.

      • We offer sibling discounts. Club fees are reduced to $100/mo for siblings participating in NFC.

      • If you'd like to apply for financial assistance, please see HERE.

    Team Fees

    • Estimated between $200-$300 per player per season for tournaments and leagues.

      • Team fees vary by team according to game schedule. Team fees will be estimated at the start of each month and divided equally among all players.

      • Team fees are collected prior to tournaments and leagues and are used to pay for all game-day-related expenses. These include, but are not limited to, tournament registration fees, state league fees, referee and field usage fees, and coach expenses.

    Uniform Fees

    • Estimated between $250-$350.  We anticipate Uniforms will last 2 seasons.

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